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This crypto coin could go up fifty thousand percent this year

Dear tourmargarita.rumbas,

If you don't already own a few coins of something, then surely at the very least, you must have heard about cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, the most famous one, minted countless multimillionaires but did you know that altcoins (bitcoin alternatives) are responsible for even more riches?

Among the "big" ones, NEM went up almost 10,000 percent and Ethereum, more than 4,000 percent

Among the small and unknown ones several gained more than 50,000 percent.

To put this in perspective, a small 1,000-dollar coin purchase in one of these small ones could have turned into more than 50 million bucks.

It seems crazy, doesn't it? Well, it's the reality of the cryptocurrency market today.

Raiblocks, a relatively obscure coin at the time, went from 0.20 on December first to $20 by New Year's Eve. It is now in the top 20 largest coins in the world.

All that to say, the next big winner could be found anywhere, and today I believe I've identified the next one.

After spending hundreds of hours looking at hundreds of different coins, I locked down on one specific target.


As the name says, this is a coin created and headquartered in Switzerland. It is one of the only coins in the world recognized as legal tender by the government.

Swisscoin is allowed by the Swiss government and has the potential to climb more than 5,000% before the end of January and more than 50,000% before the end of this year.

This is one of those rare buy-and-hold coins which you WANT to own, and hang onto for the long term, much like those people who bought bitcoin at $1 and kept it for 3 years. FYI, bitcoin is trading at $14,000 now. That's an increase of over 1 million percent.

I recommend you consider putting at least a thousand bucks in Swisscoin immediately. This could quickly turn into enough money to buy a new house, or at the very least a new car.

For those of you who already have bitcoins, all you need to do is open an account at (this is the url/website, and it takes 1 minute to get setup), transfer some btc to your new account and buy SIC (Swisscoin).

For those of you who are still clueless about Cryptos, the process will be a little bit longer but well worth it.

Open an account at a large exchange such as Coinbase dot com or Coinmama dot com, then add some fund using your credit/debit card or Paypal.

That's the fastest way, but you will be limited to a few hundred bucks at most. It should be enough to get you quickly started but consider adding more funds using a bank transfer so that you can really have skin in the game.

Remember, every thousand bucks of SIC you buy today could easily turn into 500,000 by this time next year.


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